About Me

Hi! I’m a Master’s computer science student at Georgia Tech, concentrating on machine learning.

I’ve built video games. I’ve led an award-winning hackathon project. I’ve worked on infrastructure that supports billions of monthly users.

But, I’m not a good programmer. I haven’t done thousands of LeetCode questions. I can’t recite the magical incantations of theory from my Algo class. Hell, I haven’t even been hired full-time yet.

I do know, though, that I like ideas. Ideas that manifest anywhere. Ideas that come from a walk in the park, or when I’m sleeping, or during a baking session with Grandma. Ideas that give you that feeling of the final jigsaw piece snugly fitting in. But, as I return home, or awake from my slumber, or await the cookies to cool, that image of the jigsaw puzzle just as quickly fades. My degree simply allows me to put those ideas to digital paper faster and more efficiently than before.

While my fingers are the ones that desperately scamper to capture these fleeting ideas, my mind is the nose that discovers their delicious aromas. Most importantly, I want to go to a place that takes care of this nose, that fosters it, that prioritizes it. That could be big tech, or a start-up, or my living room. Regardless, my “nose” is always ready for new adventures.