My New Website!

Welcome to my new website! I intend for this site to be a landing spot for anyone interested in the work I’m doing. I’ll sharing the projects I have worked on in the past and the projects I have planned for the future. There’s a lot I’ve got planned, and this website is actually the first project on this site!

In the middle of this summer, my brother, James, a software engineer at Google, told me about Jekyll, which is a static website generator. He said it was an easy thing to implement, and I decided I would give it ago. At the same time, my friend Diego wanted me to create a new Wheeler Model UN website for him, and I decided it was a perfect chance to both learn the ins-and-outs of Jekyll while also creating a productive project.

Now, even installing it was a difficult process, as it required Ruby. I learned about Ruby and its gem-based system, and I also had to learn the fundamentals of using the command prompt, something I have also never used before. The command line is essential to executing commands to install and update Ruby gems in addition to uploading my new code to GitHub.

GitHub and Git is another aspect I’ve learned through this journey of making websites, as my previous experience of making games in Unity never really required me creating repositories. However, making these websites and attempting to have them run smoothly on GitHub Pages has taught me a lot about web hosting and what it requires to run a smooth site.

There’s a lot I still don’t know, and I honestly can’t wait to learn more about web design.