Scholastic Honors Team!

I was nominated for the Scholastic Honors Team! I am so happy right now! Ahhhhhh!! Writing it out makes it sound a little sarcastic to me, like I don’t really appreciate it. That actually kind of makes sense because when I first read the email saying I was part of team, it wasn’t something I was expecting. I was just cleaning out my email from the past few days when I saw an email saying Congratulations! Now, a day after, I feel the weight of it.

The Scholastic Honors Team is an award given out to the top 10 athletes from across the country that US Figure Skating has seen to be distinguished in figure skating, academics, and community involvement. I would say I am fairly involved in all those activities, but I never thought I would be recognized at this level!

It gives me a sense of comfort for the most part. Since I started competing in figure skating at the high level, I’ve never thought of myself as the best. Yes, I compete nationally, traveling as far New York to compete sometimes, but I’ve never actually made it to Nationals. I always felt like my competitors are making insane progress while I’m being left behind in the dust. A podium placement to me is just a dream, and a few times I felt I’ve wasted so much time at something I’m not good at.

The award gives me comfort though. While I might not be able to be homeschooled or train in the best facilities in the country, I still remain laser-fcoused on my studies, and I can’t be ashamed of that. My hard work in both worlds has paid off, and it feels good to be recognized for it. :)