League Of Legends Projects


I have a lot of passion for the game of League, so this page houses the League-related projects I’ve worked on.

Freelance Development with Skill Capped (8/22 - Present)

Skill Capped is a very popular YouTube channel and website (1.2 million+ total subscribers) that provides high-level educational content for games like World of Warcraft, Valorant, and League of Legends. Their guides have personally helped with my own journey with League of Legends, so I was very excited for this opportunity.

Skill Capped reached out to me to help develop features for the launch of their new website. I created a dynamic tierlist Wordpress plug-in.

The current WIP of the dynamic tier list's functionality.
Currently with WoW, to be expanded to League and Valorant.
A example view of the final product users would see, generated by the plug-in.

I’m continuing my work with Skill Capped, so I can produce more features for them and their subscribers and to stay close to the gaming space!


Running championsearch.py allows you to input your champion, the enemy champion (usually your lane opponent), and the key ability of your champion and the enemy champion to compare. The output is both champion’s ability cooldowns, as well as the cooldown difference between your key ability and the enemy’s. An example is shown below:

Additionally, the program will open up the op.gg champion page and a YouTube video. The video showcases a high-elo game where the champion you play wins against the enemy champion.

When to use championsearch.py

championsearch.py is a great tool to use before you get into game. The text output allows you calibrate how long each ability’s cooldown is for the enemy and gets you in the mindset of thinking of which key ability the enemy has you need to be wary of. As for the links, the op.gg page allows a player new to a champ quickly understand what abilities to max, items to build, etc. Yet the most important functionality may be the video. The video lets you quickly get into the specifics of a matchup, giving the player model gameplay and allowing them to emulate it.