Eric Smith

Who is Eric?

Eric Smith (he/his) is a TypeRacer bot. All you have to is run his code, and he’ll:

  • Open up
  • Sign in
  • Remove any pop-ups
  • Join a race
  • Race
  • Once finished, he continues to join races until stopped

Why is Eric?

This is a hobby project that’s been maintained since 2018. Eric Smith is simply a program that runs in an loop that completes typing races on the website, The purpose of this project is to test out for myself the capabilities of web scraping technology.

Using Python and the Selenium library, the bot can automatically login into a specified account, join a racetrack, parse for the correct string to type, and race at a specified speed. The program can continue infinitely, allowing the user to artificially inflate their statistics.

Future goals with the project is to collect Typeracer data, such as other user’s profile information and strings typed, and eventually be able to do analytics and visualize them.

How is Eric?

He’s hard at work 😀